Hi! I am EggMON.

I am part of the Sweet Monster gang!

See all of you soon!

I am CookieMON.
I represent the cookie bits in the ice cream and shakes.

Have you tried them yet?

Hello! My name is BlueMON.
I am the mascot of Sweet Monster.

Have you tried our Products yet?

All I can say about them is only one word: Delicious.

leMON is the name and drinks are my game.
I love the tangy and fresh Lemon ADE.

Have you tried it?

One sip is never enough.

Good afternoon. How are you guys doing? My name is PinkMON. I represent Strawberry Cake shake.

Oh noooo....don't tell me you haven't try it.

You will definitely love it.
Hi Everyone! I am OrangMON.

I might look angry all the time but actually I am a really nice person. As you can see I am always orange.💛

I love to stay with these monsters because they always brighten my days.
Hello! I am ChocoMON from Sweet Monster.
I represent Ferrero Nutella shake.

I love to sweeten people up.

Nice to meet ya'll.
Woohooooooo pop pop pop we are PopMON. We jump around and sweeten you guys up everyday.

We represent 5 flavors of popcorn: Cheese & Caramel popcorn, Caramel popcorn, Milk popcorn, Strawberry popcorn, Chocolate popcorn.

Come play with us!

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